Saturday, April 2, 2011


You see more of my portraits recently. It feels that my dominant genre (still life) starts change. Well, it is not the case. My real motivation is that I am preparing for my friend Zhaoming Wu's workshop in May. This is my first time to organize a figurative workshop. I need to have a list of models available. I believe that the best way to identify good models is to paint them. Hiring models is not easy. I have shared with you 6 portraits so far. However in 3 painting sessions, the models didn't show up. The rate of model absence is 50%. That makes me nervous. I don't want to see this kind of thing happen on the workshop. So if you are experienced in organizing life drawing and painting activities, I would like to know your suggestions.

Ellen is an artist friend of mine. She and I went to a life painting yesterday, but the model didn't come. Ellen volunteered to model for everybody. I really appreciate she did that. For this painting, I didn't do a good job. I didn't get the likeness and my perspective had many problems. Well, I know I have a long way in front of me if I really want to be portrait painter. I am prepared.


Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Hi Quiang,
I've been following your blog for years and truly admire your work and your attitude. I also have been in the position of looking for models. It's tough. We can't pay them enough to really appeal to them. I've posted flyers in a local library and gotten some response from parents (who attend reading hours with their children). I've also gotten some response from posting at a local health food store and a general store. Recently, I even called a woman who has purchased some of my work. She was interested in modeling! That might be a good resource for you. And something I haven't managed yet is to get a tech savvy young person to send a tweet out to friends that there's a modeling gig open. Seems like it might work, doesn't it? Good luck.
Your portraits are wonderful. I know what you mean by missing the likeness, though. That's what it's all about.

Marla said...

Wow, I had no idea it would be so difficult to get models. The one time I taught a class with a model, I was terrified that he wouldn't show up - it was a favor from a friend, I wasn't even paying him. But he did show up and all went well.

I suppose the best way is to get models who feel they have something invested in it, like one's friends. Or fellow students who can trade modeling with each other.

Brad Miedema said...

Wow! Stunning! Your brushwork is amazing!

Benham Design Concepts said...

It does and doesn't surprise me that the models don't show up on a regular basis. It seams that more people that not are irresponsible. With the job market being soft I would think that more people would be willing to show up on time every time