Friday, May 28, 2010

"Lou Neff Point"

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I painted with the PAA group yesterday at the downtown Austin. I felt good painting together with a few friends and weather was great too. However, my painting today taught me something. To be honest with you, this is not the type of painting I would like to paint. I always like to have something identifiable as a focal point. However, this one does not have one. I think it is the issue (if I don’t call it a problem) of the plein air painting. When the beauty of the scene in front of me cannot be represented by one or a small group of objects, I will have a hard time to make a painting work. Although it is not ideal, I still enjoyed the experience. It is good exercise on the color study; I got better paint quality as well.


Stephanie Berry said...

I like this, focal point or not. You can feel what the spot where you were was like. The light and the heat. Nice. Looks like it took no effort on your part.

Kay said...

I should have such beautiful failures! Plein air painting is hard..still waiting for some warmth to get out and try some!

Unknown said...

You're a good painter. I'm just the opposite of you in regard to the "focal point". Although my pictures are "traditional" looking, for me everything in the picture interests me and is an opportunity for expression contributing to the effect. I never make a single stroke out of pure convention or habit.
Dennis in SF, CA