Sunday, May 16, 2010

Demo at LSAG 2010 Convention

Last Friday evening, in pouring rain, I was on the road again. We travel to Conroe, TX attending the Lone Star Art Guild 2010 Convention. I did this demo in front of a large crowd. I had a relatively large canvas this time as well, but I have only two hours. I didn’t cover the canvas completely, but I kind of like the spontaneous look of the painting.


WCaro said...

Always, seeing it in person, the colors are vibrant and alive. Was so happy to attent this workshop!

Barbara Haviland-Texas Contemporary Artist said...

I loved them demo and had to try my hand at a still life this morning. I used your technique and am quite pleased Thanks for a lovely time

indianpaintbrush said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your demo at the LSAG convention. It was every bit as wonderful as my friends said it would be. I haven't worked with still life for many years, but will try one this week. Thanks for a great time!