Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zhang Jia Jie

The conference ended, and we flew to Zhang-Jia-Jie. We spent spectacular 4 days in this breathtakingly beautiful mountain. I wish I could assess the Internet there so I could have shared these photos much earlier with you. I am sure I will go back to this place again and spend much longer time having my painting gears with me. We hired a local guide and went to spots where few tourists can go. It was soooo great. The local people are called “Tu-Jia”. It is one of the 55 minority nationalities in China.

The living conditions were not that good there. We were frustrated and had many problems with logistics. The biggest problem was that there were too many tourists. It was very difficult to find a quiet place. This beautiful place is getting too commercialized. I sincerely hope this place gets the best protection.

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