Thursday, July 30, 2009

Travel by Train

I am sitting by the window gazing the passing scene outside of the train. The lash greens faded into the mist of rain in the far field. I just had some very sweet Lichees (a type of tropical fruit) and read an article about Walt Disney from a Chinese magazine. This is the longest train ride I ever had. Having no AC for about two weeks, now I really appreciate the cozy air conditioning of the train. Happiness is not that hard to obtain. This is the kind of life I was searching for a long time. Break from constant DOING, I really enjoy this experience of BEING. That maybe the reason we are called human beings.


Connie Nobbe said...

I like your statement about "doing" vs. "being". You put into words what I have thought without words. It gives me permission to take a break from all the doing. Anyway, I really enjoyed your travel photos, they are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I took your workshop in Cincinnati this past spring and really enjoyed it. Take care!

Sharon Hodges said...

I left my very demanding full time job recently so that i could paint full time. I have missed the income a bit; however, I am so joyed to get to be a human 'being' instead of a human' doing' that I can scarcely contain, maybe, I can know what it feels to accept a state of grace.