Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hotel on Water

My vocation got interrupted since I arrived at Shenzhen. I am here attending an international conference related to my engineering works. It is hosted in a water park. This is the place I am staying. It has a wonderful architectural design. I am back to my rat-racing schedule. What can I say? This is called BUSINESS. I got to run now.

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Marilyn R Miller said...

I have been missing your paintings! Now I know why... A trip to China! Wonderful! How I would love to make that trip... I spent one year in Hong Kong in 1963 and truly loved it but was very aware that it while chinese, was not China, or (in the romanization then) Jung Gwo. I still long to visit your homeland.... perhaps someday... one fine day.

I too, am a painter, and find your work inspirational! Thank you! Marilyn Miller