Sunday, December 9, 2007

"Two Apples" --- Sold

I have got a new gallery representing last week. The Riverband Fine Art Gallery will start showing my paintings at Marble Falls, TX. This painting will be my first one showing there.


Joan DaGradi Studio said...

Congrats, Qiang, on your beautiful work and at showing at Riverbend.
They are really fine people to work with.

I, too, am showing at Whistle Pik's Christmas Miniature show....I've shown at Galerie Kornye West for several years. Small world!

I hope that you don't mind; I've tagged your blog. Please see my blog for more info. All my best,

Rhonda Hurwitz said...

this is lovely...good luck with the new gallery

Dean H. said...

Beautiful shadows on this one, Qiang! I know that you will do fine with the new gallery representation.


Anonymous said...

Hi Quiang, I love your style especially the contrasts and geometry. Very tight!
Anyway, i can't find your email address, so i'll ask you here -

Do you varnish your paintings? I ask because you sell them via ebay but I gather the paint isn't dry for 6months-1 year? So do you ship them off without varnishing? If not, how do you find they look without varnish after they have dried, and do your buyers mind? Or do you have some other secret for keeping the colors looking A+ or getting varnish on them?


Megan Wolfe said...

Wow, the color in this is really amazing. I love those bright smats of blue on the plate; just beautiful. :)

Don Gray said...

Great painting, Qiang. Your use of color is stunning.