Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Blue Ornament"

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I usually use warm colors for the center of focus, but not this one. Does it work for you?


Unknown said...

Hello Qiang-Huang,

Your paintings are gorgeous.

How much time do you normally spend on a daily painting, such as "Blue Ornament?"

Dean H. said...

Hi, Qiang. I understand your premise for this one. But IMHO, The vase wins in the competition for my attention...I may be completely wrong. Any way you look at it though, it's still one heck of a beautiful painting.

Jeff Mahorney said...

Wow. I'm fascinated by this one. I see how you've made the blue ornament pop out by making all the other colors warm and unified. I love this painting, but I'm not certain about the hierarchy because my eye keeps going to the interesting shape of the light vase against the dark background. Wonderful work as always.

PAT MEYER -- said...

Another great painting. The blue ornament speaks volumes against the warm colors. I just finished a large Christmas piece and understand how important the folds in the cloth accent the ornament. Pat