Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Pears in Light 2" --- Sold

I have received at least 3 messages saying that I have been tagged. Well, I guess I must expose some my secrets to be off the hook.
1. I won my first art award when I was in a daycare: 5 color pencils.
2. I started my first grade education when I was 9.
3. I decided to enter a college far away from home because I could travel by train.
4. I got my first ticket before I got my driver's license.
5. The top secret to be a good still-life painter is being a vegetarian. If you don't believe me, please contact David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, and Gregg Kreutz.

In today's painting, I worked on the distribution of the light. I did a small one with similar composition before, but decided to do another one a little larger. I have not decided what I am going to do with this painting. I may submit it to a show, but if you like to have it, please email me: for a quote.


kathrynlaw said...

I love your work so much, and I agree 100% about being vegetarian! :)

Making A Mark said...

What a stunner!

Obviously the composition, contrast and colour are all working terrifically well but one of the things I really like this is that passage of tablecloth running along the front - subtle colours and very sensitive brushwork. Lovely!

PAT MEYER -- said...

This painting is very interesting in the color zone and how tight you kept the colors. The painting reads warm. The brush stokes gives it energy. The pears just sing. Great job. Love it! Pat

DorusB said...

Really Love this one; great yellows, great contrasts and shades, great brushwork. Great job! Dorus