Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Pears in Light" --- Sold

I want this painting to show the difference between painting the objects and painting the light. Don't you think it worked?


Jeff Mahorney said...

BTW-This is a beautiful arrangement!

qiang-huang, Can you explain more?
To me it seems like the vase and the pairs are painted as light and shade shapes. maybe it's the loose edgework and lost/found edges. They seem very cohesive together.

The grapes seem like painted objects to me. Less cohesive in the painting perhaps because of the sharper edges. Some of them seem kindy floaty even as if not anchored into the scene.

Am I way off track?

Qiang Huang said...

What i meant by painting the objects is copying the real world items realistically. Painting light means treating the objects as light distributors and paint what the light doing. This approach will link all objects together creating a cohesive composition.