Thursday, August 2, 2007

"A Pear & Grapes" --- Sold

I borrowed this composition from David Leffel. He is one of my favorite still-life artists. I took his workshop three times and really learned a lot.


Jiddje said...

Wow, David Leffel. I found some pieces on the internet from him (Greenhouse gallery). He paints in a great way. And you have also a refreshing way of painting. Brilliant colors. and nice compositions.

Sue Gansle said...

Masterful painting Qiang!
The red grapes are so life like! I could pluck them from the canvas and pop them in my mouth.

Wonderful job with comp, color, brushstrokes.

Keep it up!

Dean H. said...

Love how you handle light and edges! Wish I had your mastery of soft and hidden edges.

Best wishes, Dean

StilinStudio said...

This is WONDERFUL! I love the lighting, the transparency of the grapes, the realism. I also really like your brush strokes. Great painting, all in all.

Unknown said...

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