Tuesday, September 1, 2020

"Painter's Guide" App Announcement

I am so happy to announce that our newly developed app: "Painter's Guide" is ready for you. "Painter's Guide" app is a comprehensive tool for artists, especially oil and acrylic painters. If you paint from photos, you will find this app will improve your painting significantly. It can change your photo to black-n-white so you see value easily. It has the "oilify" filter to simplify the color shapes and hide details. You can vary the photo size to small thumb nails or enlarge to get details. Just like the previous "Color Picker" app, "Painter's Guide" can single out colors from any spot of the photo and provide you quantitative color information, so you can see and match color accurately. It is quite straightforward to use this app, but soon I will make a Youtube video to demonstrate how to use it.

You may access the "Painter's Guide" app on my website for free, simply go to www.qh-art.com and click "Apps" tab, then press the "Painter's Guide" button. If you are curious what the numbers mean on the app, I highly recommend you take my online color course (on my website then click "Online Teaching"). We are working hard to find ways to improve your painting skills practically. We appreciate greatly your kind donation in helping us to further develop apps for artists. We will work together to heal our beautiful world. Thank you so much.

We are still working on Apple and Android versions of this app. We need to cross additional learning curves. Please be patient with us. Thanks.

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