Wednesday, August 15, 2018

"Time to Say Goodbye"

Got on "Youtube", I searched "Time to Say Goodbye". When the beautiful voices of Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli permeated my studio, I felt tears in my eyes. This month of August is still young, but I have been shocked twice by the sad news that friends pretty close to me passing. Capt. John Atoms, (who was in Richard Schmid's dvd "The Captain's Portrait"), had stroke in July and passed away on August 3. I love him dearly. Another friend Patrick Hugg went to China with me last year and we met again in my Raleigh workshop last month, but he was gone on August 4. Patrick was only 52. The God of Death is so close to us. We all know we can not live indefinitely, but very few accept this truth. I did this small house painting several times. One of them was collected by Capt. John, and this very one was painted in front of Patrick. Farewell, my dear friends.

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