Thursday, November 17, 2016

“Demo at Mt Pleasant 2016 4" --- Sold

On the way to the workshop location I took a photo of a barn. I used this photo as my reference and did this demo painting. I still feel landscape is not my cup of tea. But I have found that my landscape is more welcomed than my still lives. Well I think I will do more.


silentwitness said...

I would love to hear your thoughts about color selection as you painted this, and also to know your palette. The atmosphere you have created here is timeless!!! I love ALL of your still life paintings as well, but have very limited time, which is when I don't comment often. There is a very sensitive and appealing timeless quality to all of your work--astounding!

Jane said...

Landscapes are not my cup of tea either, but like you I have found that they are more welcome than anything else. I do love your landscape though , absolutely beautiful and tranquil .