Friday, December 11, 2015

"Demo in Dallas 2015 3"

I want to thank all the friends who commented on my yesterday's post. You encourage me to keep on going on my art journey. Today's painting is my third demo on my Dallas workshop. I challenged myself by putting quite a few unfamiliar objects on the setup. With limited time to plan and paint this one, the final painting is not what I expected. Anyway it was a good try, and the students have enjoyed seeing me go through the process in front of their eyes.


linda m levine fine art said...

Qiang.. I agree with the comment that you HAVE expanded your subject matter and grown tremendously. Your China trips have forced you into painting cityscapes and experimenting with color temperature and color contrasts. You have chosen to make your living with art and have succeeded in a field where very few excel and are able to sell their paintings. So you must achieve a balance between the paintings you create in order to grow, and those demanded by your students and patrons. We take your workshops to learn your techniques, buy your demo paintings, and especially to watch you create a rose…nobody comes close to being able to do this so well. So please don’t stop creating those roses.. you are our teacher, we strive to paint the way you do.

Houra Alghizzi said...

Perfect Qiang! I always love your work and brushstrokes.