Thursday, December 17, 2015

"Demo at Ada 2015 4" --- Sold

The last demo I did on the workshop is different. I told the class that they would set up the still life for me, and I would take the challenge to paint the setup. Suddenly, my shadow box has piled up all kinds of things. I was so overwhelmed. This is what I have. The reason I am doing this is that I will automatically go out of my comfort zone, and also hope I may step onto something new that I can develop in the future for my personal growth.


linda m levine fine art said...

I would have guessed this was not your set-up. I don't think I ever remember a glass filled with wine or a picture with only vegetables, not a single apple or grape in sight! But the rose is there..soooo lovely. I think you should do wine glasses more often. Maybe the students should think about the objects in the setup and how they should relate to each other to tell a story. Yes, you paint a story, and that is what makes the painting appealing. Have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year. Linda from Tucson

Saihah Shamoon said...

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Caffarelli_art said...
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