Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Yellow Rose Study 081215" --- Sold

I did this rose study from life, but also referenced to one of the paintings that Richard Schmid did. The rose part is easy, but the whole abstract composition I am still having problems. Perhaps you have seen quite a few my rose paintings, do you feel that the compositions I used are rather similar and they are not rich enough? I admire Richard Schmid for many years, especially for his designs

I was asking my readers in my previous post. Do you prefer low key or high key paintings. By checking my Instagram, I got almost twice as many "likes" in comparison with my earlier low key painting. The result is obvious: Most people like high key. However, I am relatively weak in doing high key paintings. So more effort and time are needed.

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Like you, I have been trying to abstract my backgrounds more and more. Unlike you I am not a master painter. Your work is awesome. I like best your simpler still life paintings and especially these flowers.