Sunday, August 9, 2015

"An Alley"

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When you feel absolutely NOT motivated to paint, what do you do? After came back from the extremely beautiful Yellowstone National Park, I have spent two solid days on the phone trying to make an insurance company to pay my bill. I was amazed how the insurance industry expands your probability of running into a disaster from 0.001% (can be even less) directly into 100%. (I personally believe that being profitable by taking advantage of other people's misfortune is what we call "Evil").

With the above mindset, I painted the above painting. If you are not motivated to paint and you don't want the insurance company to ruin your career, you simply go to your easel, pick up a brush, and start to paint anything. You may throw away all you have learned: composition, value, all that crxp. You can see the painting I posted here is mainly about dumpster and trash cans.


Jessica Kirby said...

I love it! I also agree with your assessment, insurance companies are evil. I hope you get that worked out. In the meantime, keep painting.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Sorry you have to be subjected to insurance-mess.
Wonderful post. Perfect subject to paint.

linda m levine fine art said...

You are not alone! Come join the many who have had similar experiences. I'm sorry for your frustration, but how wonderful that you didn't throw something, or punch something.... you expressed your anger in the best possible way. Yes, we all throw away our sensibility and training when frustrated with 'the system.' But when the anger is gone we return to our more sensible selves. Good luck with the insurance company. Linda from Tucson.