Monday, May 25, 2015

"Wuzhen Canal 1 (Day 2)"

This painting has been progress very fast. I have given almost all the details it needs. It may need more edge work and color accents, but I am close to the end of the painting. Compared with my downtown Austin painting (which takes me close to 20 days), It is amazing. I am going to start another large painting very soon.

I really enjoy my current mode of painting. Quiet and involved. Painting, and painting only.


silentwitness said...

Fantastic painting, I love it. Strong mood, structure and composition. Great narrative.

Jude said...

It is wonderful to see your work as it progresses. I was so happy to paint with you in Hood River this past spring and hope to do that again at some point. Thank you for your insights as well. It's not just about brush to canvas...there is so much more!

usetty said...

Very nice.