Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My China Painting Trip Reminder

Dear Friends,

Earlier of the year, I have announced that we will do our 2nd China Painting trip this September. Now I want to officially say that this trip is a "GO". Currently, we have 8 people in our group.

Travel to China this year has a few advantages than what we had two years ago. First of all the airfare to China this year is significantly lower than that of last year. Secondly, Chinese embassy starts to offer 10 year visa for Americans. With a relatively small group of people, the trip will be more enjoyable.

It is not too late if you are interested in joining us to tour and paint in China. Please check my China Painting Trip Website for information and signing up. If you have not planned your vacation this year, you may consider to join us for this fun trip. I am looking forward to traveling and painting with you in this old and exotic country.

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Unknown said...

Sir. I was recently (2004) in your My Pleasant work shot. I am trying to determine how to go about having my work judged for inclusion in the Daily Painters web site. I find no information on the web site regarding this and I have emailed the web master but have received no response. Can you possibly furnish information as to whom I can contact regarding this. Thank you.