Wednesday, April 29, 2015

“Downtown Austin (Partial) (Day 14)"

I have almost a week at home before I go to teach another workshop. So I continued studying and painting my large "Downtown Austin" painting. I have spent two solid days, however the progress is painstakingly slow. I have seriously taken notes about my thought, my actions, my mistakes, and my discovers. Now my note about this project has 32 pages long so far and it is getting longer.

For self-learning painters, especially for painters who have been painting for a while, I highly recommend working on a few large paintings seriously and long term. This will save your time for going through what you have already known again and again, and staying in the unknown territory for as long as possible time. So you know your weak points. You work out solutions and get better. I know it is not fun working this way, and it is absolutely making no business sense if you are only market driven. To me, it is worth every minute. I am a late starter and have not got enough formal training. So this is my Academy.


Candi said...

Qiang, Thank you. I am one of probably many "self-learning painters, who have been painting for a while". I started a big painting (24"x35") a week ago. From a plein aire sketch. It looks finished and has big problems. I look forward to this (not fun) challenge. Thank you for exposing your quest for excellence. It helps so many of us in the Academy of life.

Connie Nobbe said...

I would love to read your 32 pages of learning. I think you paint so beautifully, I cannot imagine what you are discovering beyond. Maybe you can share some of that with us when you come to Indiana in June.