Sunday, April 19, 2015

"Demo at Lowell 2015 2" --- Sold

This is the second demo. Roses and a turnip were together. It was kind of odd, but I was look into the colors for the painting. I guessed it was all right.

The workshop went well so far. I have tried my best to make the students learning easily and the information I give was practical and easy to remember. I hope the people who took my workshops can progress steadily and become better painters.

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linda m levine fine art said...

Yes yes yes. The students in your workshops become better painters! I have taken two workshops and learned a great deal in each one. Now I must how to apply what I learned. The rose in this picture is spectacular. Painting a rose is a big challenge for me (and I think for many others). Painting a white rose is more of a challenge than painting a pink, red or yellow rose. Thank you again for giving us a rose to copy. Linda from Tucson.