Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Demo at Napa 2015 2" --- Sold

The second demo at Napa is showing here. I have shown how to paint flowers and silver.

One thing I want to mention today about lighting again. You may have remembered I compared with fluorescent light vs true day light. Today I want to talk about LED. If you recently visited the lighting department of the Home Depot, you might have seen a new type of LED light. They look like fluorescent tubes but inside are whole bunch of small white LEDs line up. The light from these tubes are very similar to fluorescent tube. The color is so similar but much brighter. You might have a lot of positive comment about these new LED tubes, but from a painter point of view, I will say NO, NO, NO. Because the color change is so significant that they will totally mislead you color judgment. The painting under those LED light will look much greener, So I do not recommend this new LED tube for your studio. However, other LED may work  for painting. I recently stopped by a well known gallery in San Francisco, They do use LED to illuminate the paintings. The result is rather good. So I will investigate further to see which types of LED can work for art.

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Unknown said...

Hello Qiang,

I usually dislike to give a link to an ebay product (as it could be seen as hidden promotion) but I will make an excerp here. I use this item (3 of them to be exact) and I am really happy with the result. The quality lighning is good, you can change the temp of the color and they can be used everywhere with spared batteries.

link on french ebay : http://www.ebay.fr/itm/312AS-Bicolor-Dimmable-312-LED-Lampe-Torche-pour-Appareil-DV-Camera-Camescope-/301043801770?pt=FR_Photo_cam%C3%A9scopes_Torches_d_%C3%A9clairage_continu&hash=item46179bdeaa