Friday, November 28, 2014

"White Cup with Blue Stripes"

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I did this painting last week. There are too much things going on so I did not get a chance to post it timely. It seems my daily painting practice has moved to a new phase. I have not done any 6" x 6" for several months now, and my comfortability level in dealing with relatively large painting surfaces is increasing steadily. Showing painterly effects on larger canvases is my effort now, and this effort will continue for a while. The visual impact of a larger painting is significantly stronger than that of a small painting, so now I am a more serious painter than before.


Teri said...

Hi Qiang! Just so you know, your blog says this painting is 12 x 12 but Daily Painting site says 6 x 6.
It is a very very great painting and I love it very much. I am heading to Austin on Dec 4. I may try and find a gallery that carries your paintings so I can see them in real life.
All the best,

Alan Shiner-Szajna My family name was changed. Sometimes I sign my paintings Szajna(pronounced SHY-nuh) and Sometimes just Shiner said...

Qiang,you are an inspiration to other artist. I have always had your blog link and name on my site for others to check in and see what your are painting. I am always impressed with what I find on your blog. I would love to be added to your site.
P.S. I always say the bigger the canvas the better!