Friday, November 7, 2014

The Blue Dog Phenomina

In the evening of the last day of my Lafayette workshop, a group of artist friends and me went dinner at a very famous restaurant in town --- The Blue Dog Cafe. It is a very "artsy" place showing the "Blue Dog" paintings of the famous artist: George Rodrigue. I saw the blue dog painting before. They are ubiquitously distributed on art magazines. Surrounded by various colors of "blue" dogs on the wall, I was pondering about modern art. The friend sitting next to me said: "George Rodrigue did know how to paint, You can see that from his early works". I think I heard similar argument about Picasso's works as well.

Artists can do whatever they want to do, and collectors can buy whatever piece of art they want to buy. However, the question is what is people's taste about art. This "taste" will determine which artist will be successful or starving. Picasso and Rodrigue are phenomenal artists, and our taste has determined that the art world goes to dogs.


Mary Pyche said...

Of course, the really funny thing is your hands under the dog's chin!

Ninapaints said...

I noticed that as well! I love it!

Ninapaints said...

Well, although I personally have a taste for your type of artwork, I do appreciate the various genres, and lately have acquired an appreciation for the occasional piece of abstract art I see. But in your art, you pick up the beauty of the world around us, and while huge splashes of amazing color might be exciting at first, the thrill is gone in short order...You art draws the viewer in for a lasting impression!