Monday, November 25, 2013

"Red Daisy Study 1"

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Many friends commented and wanted to know what I did to fixed the image problem. I want to thank Andy, a friend who sent me a link to webpage addressing this image issue. I followed the guidance and changed my settings. I didn't download Google Chrome. If you have similar problem, please click the weblink above and change your settings as well.

The problem is not difficult to fix if you know how. I still have a few problems I still struggling and try to find solutions. For instance, I found recently that my blog widget that getting people to sign up for my painting emails is broken. After entering email address, you don't get a confirmation email, so the registration is incomplete. This is another Google problem. After Google Groups "upgraded" their stuff, my widget is no longer working. If you know the solution, I appreciate if you can contact me.

My today's painting is my first red daisy painting. I struggled. I am not in my comfort zone, There are issues, but I still want to share it with you.

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George Carr said...

This may not be a very good painting of a FLOWER, but it is a very exciting PAINTING.