Friday, June 22, 2012

"AAU Figure Painting (Day 2)"

I have spent about 6 more hours on this painting. It was a real struggle for me. I felt I was beating a dead horse. The painting did not progress much. However, I have benefited a lot from painting this one. I have gained new experience of observing the figure. Modeling the figure requires significant amount of sensitivity. I don't consider this painting is successful, but I have really learned a lot.


silentwitness said...

This figure paintng also is very volumetric and it is nice to see the figure come in and out of the shadow. Based on seeing your three newest works (including the one you posted after this one) I would be interested in hearing how your instructors are talking about transparent colors and opaque colors as there appears to be stark contrast between them in this style. Thank you for any insights you are able to share. Very nice work!

Tory Burch said...

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