Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"AAU Figure Painting (Day 1)"

My AAU journey started yesterday. Zhaoming did a portrait demo in the morning and student painted in the afternoon. I did not paint because I have to get my ID and keys of my dorm room. AAU is an interesting place, all of its buildings are spattered all over SF. There are shuttle buses taking us from one place to another. It feels so good to be among young artists half of my age. The way they dress and talk really fascinated me.

Today is my figure painting day. We had a male model in his late sixties. Zhaoming did a figure demo in the morning with a monochromatic approach. In the afternoon I spent five and half hours and got major block in. The size of the painting is 18" x 24", the largest figure I have ever done. We will finish this painting on this Friday.


ShanePaintsMaine said...

Wow exciting, at any age! Being already focused you will inspire your younger classmates! Apreciate and am somewhat in awe of your productivity especially as it relates to having the advantage of your daily postings. Thankyou for taking the time!

cj roughton said...

This is so interesting, thank you for sharing!

Millie said...

And you will paint even...bigger, at university level.