Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Demo in Austin 1" --- Sold

Today, I started my 3-day workshop in Austin. I want thank all the attending artists. I feel very excited about this workshop. It is the first time we (Song and I) combined organizing and teaching together. I want thank my dear wife Song working very hard putting this workshop together. It is a new milestone in my art career. This is my first demo. The photo is not perfect, but you got the idea.


jen said...

lovely, even with the glare

Fay Terry said...

Wonderful painting,love the white cloth and the pears. Hope you have a great workshop!

u.kalyani said...

hii ..
wonderful painting indeed... for a demo, the quality of painting is just outstanding:) i love your work.
best of luck.

MeeLi Lee said...

Congratulations to You and Song! What a team!