Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Lonely on the Boat" --- Sold

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For these a couple of months, life to me likes a bowl of Gumbo. There are too many flavors combined. Good and bad things hodgepodged together like mixing too many colors on the palette. You know what it will turn into. I need a break from breaks and be still for a while to let my mind clearing up. I have detoured from my regular painting practice too long. I saw the quality of my art is going down, and it pushes me back almost to the drawing board, literally. Can't wait to be back to my studio.

I did this painting last night. Down to the basics, the value design was my main focus. Improving on painting fabric folds is my second purpose. I feel pretty rusted now, but I will be better after some warming up.


jen said...

I can certainly understand the feeling rusty. The painting is lovely all the same.

Fay Terry said...

I know just what you mean, Qiang. I felt like I was
starting all over when I got back to painting after the new
year. January is a good time to be still and listen to that inner
voice that tells us what we need for our art to be the best it can be.
Happy Painting!

Brocha Teichman Fine Art said...

I love this painting! How beautiful and dramatic is that lighting behind the bowl.
On the contrary, I think the detour only seems like a set-back... I think it's the way you grow! And this fresh work of art is a reflection of that ;-)

Francie said...


yes..don't worry..sit in your studio and it will all come back to you. I am recently going thru changes in that I feel the need to pull back from entering too many art committments...and competitions. I don't want to paint with a competition in mind...i just want to paint what i want to paint...and not worry about what a judge or anyone thinks. I also feel the need to get a real job...and cram my painting into the part time...so there I am...in two difficult situations. We'll see how it goes...

Happy walker said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

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