Monday, January 9, 2012

"Demo at Houston 2" --- Sold

I came back from Houston last night. This is my second demo at the workshop. This year, I have scheduled far more workshops than I did last year (for a very obvious reason). I need to adapt this new dynamically "nomadic" life style. I don't think I have the luxury of staying in my studio and working on my paintings systematically any more. I have to learn how to regulate a very irregular life and still progress. I wish I could slow down and live a life like the good old days, but I don't see that is possible. I will learn how to stitch all my fragmented time together to make it mean something. It is so ironic that a still life painter is having a very un-stilled life. Hee-Haw!!!


Vinayak Deshmukh said...

Beautiful painting. Thanks for sharing. Being a full time painter is a tough job I suppose. Cheers to you!

Peggy Kingsbury said...

Qiang, sorry I missed you in Houston. I know the workshop was fabulous. Keep going--you are doing all the right things!

Anonymous said...

Qiang: Me fascina su trabajo. Los contrastes y a su vez la delicadeza que hay en sus pinturas. Y esos trazos que se agigantan, y esas líneas rectas que están donde esperamos encontrarlas curvas, como en las frutas y flores por ejemplo. Gracias por brindarnos el placer de contemplar belleza. Saludos