Tuesday, November 22, 2011

On a Beijing Street 1

This is a typical street scene in Beijing, very the third worldish. You can get all kinds of food on the street. To me, they are very delicious, but you need a strong stomach. The street vendors have very limited space for their business. They have all the creative ways to make their business going, very primitive but functioning. As a matter of fact, I feel rather comfortable here. I can get a taste of the special flavors I missed and long for. In Austin, Song and I occasionally drive 3 hours to Chinatown in Houston, just try to quench our craving for those flavors, but we don’t always feel satisfied with the authenticity of the food there.

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Kathryn Fisher said...

Thank you for your comments about trying to quench your cravings for the tastes you grew up with. Right now I am skyping with my daughter who lives in China and is trying to duplicate the American Thanksgiving dinner she grew up with. We completely understand! :D