Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good Morning from Beijing

It is 4:00 AM in Beijing (or 3:00 PM Nov. 16 in Austin). I don’t know if I should say good morning or good afternoon to you. Due to the jet-lag I can’t sleep. So I am recording my first note for you. I arrived last night. Everything went smoothly. Now I am staying in my room which l left 26 years ago. It brings me a very nostalgia mood. Many things in this room has been kept the same: my crib and my mom’s old keyboard, some of my brother’s furniture. The calendar on the wall was the year 2000, which is the time my brother left this room for Canada. I turned on the ceiling light by pulling a string attached to a switch located up high. I don’t see this kind of switches any more. As a matter of fact, it has been the most reliable “remote control” I have ever used and it is still functioning like a charm. I remembered my grandma used to tie the switch string to the corner of a table near her bed so she could turn on the light conveniently. We didn’t have table lamps at that time, and the ceiling light is the only light source. Time goes by so dramatically. I am sure the old switch will still clicking after I have been long gone.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I have been trying to email you to let you know your artwork and blogsite have been critiqued at Artist.Blog.Critique!
You got a really great review

Paraskevi Lamprini M. said...

26 years, are a long time... i believe your memoriew came back to you... i hope things are better than you left them... happy staying in your country!