Saturday, October 8, 2011

QH and QH

I was at the InSight Gallery this afternoon. Master artists Quang Ho and Scott Christensen were having two man show There. Both Quang and Scott did wonderful demos. I admire both masters. I met Quang many years ago, and so happy to see him again. We had fun talking about the similarity of our names. Our first names have only one letter different, and we have identical name initial: QH. I had several cases in art gatherings where people mistakenly thought I was Quang Ho. I was really flattered when that happens. At the mean time. It is always great inspiration to me when I get closer to great artists, physically or namely. It gives me tremendous motivation to improve my work.


Peggy Kingsbury said...

That was a great show & loved seeing you there. You are right, Scott & Quang are always inspirational.

Jesus Ramos said...

Hello Master Huang! Okay? I hope that is in peace and health along with his family. Master Huang subscribe to your blog here in Brazil in silence. I marvel at your technique. If I could go to America to study with you. Today got the courage to write to you (with the help of google). I am a painter here in Brazil. I saw your picture on the blog along with another Master Quang Ho. I see you wear glasses. Recently I started using glasses and the greatest confusion at the time of painting. Could you give me a hint how to use the glasses when I'm painting? I would be very happy if you come in my humble website and blog. my site, my blog, Thank you for your attention, hug.
Jesus Ramos