Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Happy Ghost"

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I usually have a difficulty to resume my daily painting routine after returning from a travel. If I am not paying attention enough, I could lose many days without noticed.  Of course I always have tons of excuses for this time lag, but it is hurting me, not anyone else. So this time after I came back from Albuquerque, I immediately set up my studio.  Even I have engineering duty this week, I did this small painting last night. This happy ghost is reminding me that my time is getting shorter. Our days go by so quickly. I can't believe we are close to Halloween again.

Having said about traveling, I am planning to go to China for a month from mid November to mid December. I will stay in Beijing most of the time in my parents' place. I don't know how many my artist friends are in that part of the world. If you happened to in China too and are interested in getting together, please let me know. I should have time to paint and teach there. I know my blog is not displayable in China. Does anybody know how to sync a blogger to corresponding Chinese social media?


Brad Miedema said...

A lot of movement in this piece. I love your brush strokes! Nice painting!

silentwitness said...

Wonderful painting! I adore the pumpkin "ghost's" singular tooth! Very expressive brushwork and a nice mix of mystery and clarity