Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Green Rhythm 3" --- Sold

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I got several new panel samples from Wind River Art Supplies. They are very fine linen with very smooth surfaces. This is my first time using this kind of panels and immediately like them.

My leaf study keeps going. I worked on my grays on the background more, and feel easier with leaves now. You may have noticed that I have been working on the same type of leaves. Very soon I will expand into different kinds of leaves. I hope you are not getting bored with my leaf study. You are witnessing my learning process. I must be tenacious to achieve progress. I think it is good method if you are learning by yourself. If you keep working on one thing for a long while. The improvement will be obvious.


Gillian Mowbray said...

This is stunning - its the quality of light and the shine of those leaves - I can almost feel their waxy surface.

You're right about persisting in order to improve. I need to learn that lesson. Sigh ....

dyane said...

I've really been enjoying your paintings and comments since i discovered you a few weeks ago through Daily Painters. I've studied this one and learned a lot. E.g. I like that the right side of the pot is straight, the red and white pulled up from the cloth, the very thin white dashes spraying out, and that the right side of the background is a bit higher than the left to make it less rigid, and that edge is softened with one vertical stroke of grey. thank you so much for sharing. Love the strong values too.