Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Quiet Whispering" --- Sold

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Hello World! I am back. It has been a wonderful break. Now I am recharged and ready to work again. As a matter of fact, I have resumed my busy life several days ago. Three days ago. I went to Fredericksburg, TX again attending a workshop by one of my most admired master artists: Sherrie McGraw. Without seeing her and David Leffel's masterpieces of still life paintings, I can't imagine I paint still life today. I am so excited that I can study with Sherrie again. My posting for today is one of paintings I did at her workshop. Can you see some of Sherrie's influence in it? I have a well defined intention when I attended her workshop: I want to know how she sets up and creates such a dramatic effect in her paintings. Here is what I have learned (I think): CONTRAST. Please contemplate on this word, your painting will be improved dramatically.

Coincidentally, This Sherrie's workshop has been documented by American Artist's Workshop Magazine. I don't know exactly when the article will be out, but you will see it in the near future.


silentwitness said...

What a wonderful post and painting! Your painting is very strong, and thank you for sharing what you learned in Sherrie McGraw's workshop. I look forward to seeing your other new paintings, plus the upcoming article in the magazine.

Bonnie said...

Very nice! I like the way the eye travels in the painting. Always looking forward to your next painting!

Jo Castillo said...

Very nice to see you back and painting. Lovely strong composition and colors.

Unknown said...

Sorry, but I prefer your paintings. I don´t like so realistic paintings. However Mcgraw is very good at drawings.

Unknown said...

I watched your utube video and was intrigued with your ability and brushwork! I love your work. I am familiar with Sherrie McGraw's work and wish I could have attended the workshop too! I really like the painting you did +and can see Sherries' infamous use of light working into your piece.
I look forward seeing more of your paintings!!!