Monday, December 7, 2009

"InSight Gallery Celebration"

Sherrie and I in the InSight Gallery
Sherrie scrutinizing my paintings in the show

Last Saturday night, the InSight Gallery has its Celebration Show. I had a great time there, enjoying wonderful images, chatting with old friends and meeting new friends. The high-light for me was that I had Sherrie McGraw looked at my gallery level paintings and listening her critiques. Her comment was enlightening. I started to realize some common issues in my art. She really showed me a new path for improving my work. I think the significance of taking workshops from masters is not mimicking their approaches, but getting your mind in tune with the teacher. Otherwise you would not able to understand what the teacher talking about even you know all the words.


Loren said...


I'd take either of your workshops just on the basis of your smiles!


silentwitness said...

Hi Qiang: Do you think an artist has to be at a certain level of experience/understanding to be "in tune with the mind of the instructor", or can an artist get in tune without significant prior practice and experience? My guess is that you already have the skills and talent, and that getting in "tune" with Ms. McGraw was a matter of enlightenment regarding fine-tuning your compositional strategy. I'm not saying that this is easy at all, but that possibly you were more "ready" for this enlightenment than some artists (like me) who have had less experience and skill. The photos from the Insight Gallery are so happy!!! It is wonderful that she provided the personal critique of your work, and wonderful that you are so very receptive and appreciative of her help.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

There's always something to learn. I love taking workshops with those artists whose work speaks to me.
Maybe you'll come to the Boston area for a workshop. I can help advertise and arrange it through my home group.