Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Fort Worth Roses" --- Sold

This is another plein air I did at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden. Last Friday evening, I was traveling from Austin to Fort Worth. The traffic was horrible. Bumper to bumper, I was in traffic jams constantly. It took me more than five hours to travel 150 miles. When I was crawling on the high way, I thought about my career as an artist. It has been a rather difficult journey. I ran into limitations all the time. I wish I could paint more, I wish I could study with Richard Schmid and several other high caliper artists. I try to use every minutes I have, and I am in fatigue all the time. The frustration is exactly like the traffic I am in. My car can go 70 m/h easily, but I can only go 20 m/h now. I guess that is life. I should be content that I am still moving, because I am already very very lucky comparing with many others.


Teresa said...

I absolutely understand what you are feeling when you mention reflecting on your career as an artist, as I am experiencing a similar journey and have the same wishes. Your work is an inspiration and I always look forward to seeing what new works you post on your blog.

"Fort Worth Roses" is absolutely breathtaking, the light is simply amazing, the simplicity and your brushwork I admire - I love this, and I look forward to seeing what you paint next.

Sandra Galda said...

Inspiring art and inspiring thoughts always found here from you, thanks!

Denise Rose said...

Your work is so inspiring to me and you seem like such a wonderful person from your blog! I know you experience frustrations on your journey but just remember how many people you teach from your work and your love for painting! Truly and inspiration to many!

Meru said...

Qiang, The journey is the reward as we live in now, even as we strive to reach our potential and make our dreams come true. Your art is beautiful and inspiring and I look forward to your emails everyday. Regards.

Unknown said...

Qiang, I was introduced to your work through a fellow gallery artist, Betty Dalsing who just returned from your workshop - how I wish I could have gone as your lovely crisp, yet loose style appeals very much to me.

I will continue to try to learn from examining it from afar and perhaps someday will enjoy one of your workshops.

It's actually very comforting to know that even such accomplished artists like you feel frustrated with their efforts. Just part of the journey I suppose.

Artist Toni Grote said...

Hi Qiang
I just love your work and am amazed how you can create such beautiful work when life is so hectic and at times frustrating. You are a great inspiration!
Take care

Vicki Brevell said...

I think this may best your best rose painting yet! The simplicity of the petals, the incredible brush movement in the background is just an amazing combination. Way to go! In regard to your comment - you and Song have made tremendous strides since we "first talked". Remember how far you've really come.
All the best,

Jo Castillo said...

Ahhhh, this is so lovely. We all have to take stock and review our goals and directions once in a while. Yes we are fortunate to be able to pursue our quests in our own ways. Not always easy, but usually satisfying in the end. You have such a nice style and are a nice person to go with it. :) Traffic on I-35 is a real bummer for sure.