Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Blue and Gold" --- Sold

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This painting is rather simple. The main purpose I do this study is practicing color harmony. Believe it or not, I put lot cadmium orange into all colors I used for this painting, including the blue. The reason for that was I saw a lot of orange in my light. Does the painting look orange to you? Maybe not, but it definitely in orange harmony for sure.
Tomorrow, I will go to Duncan, Oklahoma to teach a workshop. I will share some of my demo paintings soon.


Dreama Tolle Perry said...

Your work is beautiful--love how well the gold rim reads on this little jewel.

As to the facebook, twitter, blog question--they can be all linked together--I have done it and I am a learn as you go gal. Now when I post to my blog it automatically updates it on twitter and facebook. I will try to take the time to retrace my steps on just how I did it and email you with the details this week-end. Happy Painting!

Unknown said...

Beaufiful! Really like the gold rim on the plate. What colors did you use for this?
BTW...I have a blog up now. Check it out when you have time...
All the best...your student from Rolling Fork...Judy

marco said...

it is positively vibrant, beautiful color balance and warmth.

fantastic blog by the way, i just recently stumbled here... congratulations on your awesome art!


Your work seems to come alive. I love still life and your still life shines.


Inna Lazarev said...


I love your brashstroke! Despite being just 'traditional' still life, it gives you feeling of energy and movement!

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