Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Soup and Fruit" --- Sold

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Do you have this kind of experience: You like one artist's work and observed his/her development. At a certain point, you see the artist's style changes to a direction that you don't quite like. You feel the artist's work is getting worse instead of better. Eventually, you delete this artist from your favorites list. This kind of thing happened to me before and I didn't know why. Now I do. After having painted so many, I start to feel that I run out thing i really want to paint. I am in this bottle neck now. I keep remind me: Qiang, do not go crazy. So, I won't. My today's painting is my typical style. I will keep this style, if you don't feel too bored.


Dean H. said...

Not bored by any means...Love your style!!

Donna Carlisle Noice said...

I love your 'typical style' and would never
tire of it. I think it's fun when you try other
things but I love these paintings. Your
painting of the clock is one of my all time favorite paintings!


matthew said...

Qiang, I love your paintings and check you blog daily. If you are personally getting bored one area you might considering tinkering with is your edges. I find the pieces you do in which you are loose with/lose your edges to be most powerful as it combines a strong sense of both realism and expressionism.
Below are a couple of yours that, at least to me, demonstrate the powerful nature of varying your "edgework"
Friday, April 18, 2008
"Orange Pot" --- Sold
Wednesday, December 26, 2007
"Old Tech" --- Sold
Tuesday, December 18, 2007
"To Your Health"

Dianne Mize said...

Qiang, what you are talking about is a trap too many artists fall into. The trap is they change their work to please their patrons and viewers. The artists who continue to grow are those who stay true to themselves, who continue growing upward rather than outward. You are absolutely right to stick to your typical style. If it feels right and comfortable to you, then you will grow WITHIN it and there will be on limit to your growth. Your feeling in a slump right now is a natural process we all experience. Hang in there, keep painting in a way that feels RIGHT for you and the rest will come.

Kate said...

My work totally changed over the last year, but see it as me growing and exploring. I enjoy each direction I grow into, and I would never want to make work that only pleases other people.
Your paintings has always been superb, but your last one, for me, is something even greater. With your solid technique and background, you can take on any other styles and make them awesome, and your own. I'd say go have fun.

Barbara Pask said...

I'm sure you sometimes wonder what to paint as we all do. I never tire of your paintings and I check your blog daily as I'm sure many do. The clock painting that Donna mentioned is also one of my favorite paintings.

theresamillerwatercolors said...

Never bored! Whatever you do, have fun doing it and it will show.

Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

It seems you are having this great discussion with yourself, "change, don't change". The question to ask is "are YOU tired with your paintings?" I check your blog daily and have never failed to be amazed by your work, including your "new" approach. I find when I am happy with my art, it shows, and leads to changes in my "style" without a deliberate effort change.

Skeet Sirmons said...

Qiang, I truly love your painting style. I always look forward to your next post. I understand the feeling of wanting to change occassionally, the key is staying true to yourself and your work.

Delilah said...

Your style is you do not change it. When you get bored just change your subjects or try watercolor for a day.

Rhonda Hurwitz said...

what a lovely arrangement of colors and objects. Beautifully done

Making A Mark said...

I like your style very much

Only stop when you have nothing left to say.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Qiang, we are NEVER BORED looking at your beautiful work. Don't worry about it. It's normal to hit a block every now and again.
Whatever you paint is beautifully done!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Never 'bored' by your style, Qiang! But it sounds like YOU are a little restless. Then... experiment - go ahead - and post it or don't post it. Incorporate the new thing - or don't! I'm sure if you try something that excites you we will all love it, too. In the meantime... keep on painting what you love!