Saturday, February 2, 2008

Warning: My website has been hijacked !!!

Please do not check my website (not this blog) at this moment. Some bad people has hijacked my site. If you check it, it might contaminate your computer, I really want to thank the friend who let me this. I don't know how to solve the problem at this moment. If you are a computer expert, please give me some tips. I really appreciate it.


Bruce Hedges said...
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Bruce Hedges said...

Hi Qiang -- I'm so sorry to hear about your website being damaged. I am not able to understand why people do things like that. What could they possibly gain from destroying someone else's efforts?
I really like your work and I look at your blog almost every day. Please keep a positive attitude and keep going. You are an excellent artist. Best wishes!
(I wrote this message a few minutes ago and deleted it because I made a typo and couldn't figure out how to correct it. So I re-wrote it.)

Anonymous said...

Talk to your web host - they should be able to reset your password for you. Then you can FTP to your site and remove the bad content and re-upload your content.

Hope that helps. It's a shame that people do things like that.

Unknown said...

Hi Qiang
I´m really no expert on computers, but if it is so called "trojans" that causes problems, I´d suggest that you scan your computer with "Trojan Remover". A free, fully working, trial version can be downloaded here:
It did wonders for me when I had similar problems recently. But, as someone else proposed, it´s probably a good idea to contact your web host as well. Anyway, I hope things will be sorted out soon. I´m a regular visitor to your blog and I really like your work!

Best regards
Johan Claeson

Sven said...
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Frank Gardner said...

Scary, I am curious as to what you just did to get it all back?

Unknown said...

Hello Qiang. I'm a big fan of your paintings—someone on a forum I moderate posted a link to this site and you can see my reply here.

She recently sent me a message about your website problem. I'm pretty certain it wasn't hijacked. If you look at the domain registration details here, you'll notice the domain registration was on January 31st (of some year). I think your domain name simply expired, and since you didn't renew it, someone else registered it! I'm not sure if you had an outdated e-mail address listed in your domain registration contact details or if your domain registrar simply didn't e-mail you a warning about the upcoming expiration.

If you don't have someone to help you straighten this out I can talk to your domain registrar for you and see what options you have, but I'll need you to e-mail me the account information (the username and password for the company you bought the domain through). I can probably get to this sometime tomorrow (Monday in the States). My e-mail address is (that's the one I post publicly, anyway).

Your site is definitely safe to navigate to, though, so don't worry about viruses or any of that. If you have a local copy of all your website files DON'T DELETE THEM! Chances are the online copies are all gone.