Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Fresh Pecans" --- Sold

I usually like to use warm colors (red or orange) for the center of focus of the painting, but this one is different. I used green instead. Do you think if there is problem with it?


Magil said...

There is a lot of green, but it is balanced out with the red orange. There is variety in the greens as the center of interest. I think it works.


Hello Qiang. This is my first comment on your site, though I've began receiving the emails when I first found it. Your beautifully direct brushwork, solid drawing and "restricted" color make for very exciting visual treats. In this one, although it's very attractive, I feel you may have a conflicting focus. Is it the cluster of pecans above the vase (with hard edges, greatest detail and strong lt/dk contrast), or the two on the table in the lighted area of cloth, against the reflected light of the vase (where there are also hard edges, detail, lt/dk contrast and red/green contrast)? Small thing, but you get plenty of "Wow this is so gorgeous!!!", so I thought you may enjoy a bit of thinking. Great work!