Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Before Cooking 2" Sold

This painting will be submitted to a gallery show, but I like to post it here for your enjoyment.


Bart Dluhy said...

I love your brushwork and edge control. I am a fellow Texan and OPA member. I have noticed your past 3 years selection into the OPA National show. Congrats on being elligible for signature status. I live just north of Dallas in Mckinney. Do you give classes? I would love to learn som things from you. Visit my blog or website ( and let me know. I will be taking a workshop with Jeff Legg next year, but am interested in meeting you.
P.S. I was a chef for many years and I love your inclusion of food into your work.
-Bart Dluhy

Frances said...

Lovely Soy Sauce