Sunday, June 2, 2024

Abandoned Lemon


I have tried the second time beginning a painting with a "Bloody Mary" wash. This time the process throwed me off completely.  I start to realize this painting approach just like playing piano with both hands. I am not a piano player, but occasionally I play for fun. Without taking any lessons, I just play with one hand. I could play a melody easily, but I got bored with it pretty quickly, so I wanted to play with both hands. Oh, boy! it was hard. I could not believe how a human can do two separate things simultaneously. But we definitely are able to do it. Painting with a red wash first is rather similar. We play chords instead of single notes. The effects are significantly superior, but needs practice to get there. I am not there yet. I have made many mistakes. The image shows a portion of the painting. The lemon looks good here, but it does not go with other part of the painting. I decide to remove it. Before I do it, I want to document it so I can reference my thought today in the future.

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