Tuesday, November 22, 2022

My painting calendar 2023 is available


It is the holiday season again. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. As usual I have made my painting calendar for the coming new year. You can browse all the images on my NEW website.

"I did not know you have a "new" website" you might have asked me. Well, now you do. About two weeks ago, I found all my images disappeared and some funny noises showing on my sites . My web host refused to help, but only requested more money. They also refused to refund my annual renewal because it just past the 30 days. I also could not download my sites to my computer... I felt being robbed. Many hours later, I have built a new website from scratch and transferred out one of my domains. It almost has all the info. You can check my workshop schedules, buying my videos and the new calendar, and most important, you can access the Apps. Please visit my new website. If it does not work, please copy-and-paste: https://www.qhart.com . Please let me know if you think I need to improve this new site. Friends, no matter how old and no tech savvy we are, we will learn. Life can be improved with you own hands and brains.

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