Sunday, November 7, 2021

"Richard Schmid's Roses"


I have spent quite a few days to copy a painting from The Master Artist Richard Schmid. I admire this exceptional great artist, and learned a lot from his teaching. My copy will have no commercial value. I will keep it at home to remind me how beautiful oil pigments can generate. 

Now I have started to review my journey as an artist. I feel all good paintings are manifestation of the great Universe. The artists are the vehicles to carry out or reveal the greatness of the Cosmic Devine. We, as individuals, are in this world for only a short time, and can do very limited things. However, the appreciation of the Super Creation will last throughout the entire mankind.


Ufa88kh said...

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Allison Gobbell said...

I agree that artists can and should reflect the divine - thank you! Keep going with your work and may God inspire you in your paintings!