Saturday, June 5, 2021

Snow in Texas


Can you believe I never painted snow before. That is true. Well, not any more. I painted this one after I returned from my plein air camping trip. This was our neighborhood during the deep freeze in February. I did this for a color study. I need to finish the 4th session of my online color teaching: "Color in the real world".  To my surprise, snowscape is one of the simplest color situations in representational painting. The reason is very simple. Snow does not have much of local color because it is white. It may not have too much influence of environmental color either because its size. Therefore, the dominant color contribution is the light source colors. In a sunny day like this one, the dual light source situation is obvious. For sure you have warmer light and cooler shadow. You know why. So if you want to understand color temperature, paint snow first before you paint other landscapes. It took me quite a few years to figure this out. Duh....

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