Sunday, May 16, 2021

First Sunset


This is my very first sunset painting. Be honest with you, it was one of the easiest paintings I have ever done. Thursday afternoon was perfect, I decided to catch the last piece of beautiful light en plein air. I arrived at the spot quite early because I know the sunset is very quick I should better be prepared. I did my drawing and value rather quickly, but hold on the color block-in, because the colors will change when the showtime comes. Then I waited, waited, waited a little long .... zzzzz. I got up, walked around, and took many beautiful photos. Then come back the my painting spot, but the sun was still pretty high. Now I have a confession to make: I took out of my phone, find a sunset photo I took from my previous camping trip, and wollah!! Here comes the painting.


Jo Castillo said...

Oh, you made me laugh. Good to have a chuckle at the end of the day. Thanks. Beautiful, by the way.

Jo Castillo said...
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