Friday, July 24, 2020

"Color Mixing" course is ready for download and DVD

The 2nd part of "Rigorous Color System for Artists" online course: "Color Mixing" is ready for download and DVD purchase at: (or go to my website, click "online teaching" tab). The real online version of this class will come soon. This is a relatively long lesson (about 2 hours), but I keep it the same price as that of the first lesson "Color Theory". After you go through this class, you will gain a much better understanding and experience of using concepts like hue, chroma, value, and color space in your painting. The last part of the class is a painting demo for you. You will know how to match colors. If you have used my "color picker" app recently, you will find this class gives you the rational base of the reason I develop the app. Now you can systematically manage your colors during your painting practices. Please take advantage of my teaching about color and be a better painter in no time.

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